Your Hair and Your Health are Linked

Your Hair and Your Health are Linked

When your hair is shiny and full of life, there is a good chance your body is feeling the same. And when your hair feels dry and dull, I bet your skin and attitude are taking a turn, too. It’s no coincidence. Your hair and your heath are linked so be mindful of the products you use to wash, treat and style your hair. And let your hair be a queue that your health may be suffering.

Ever have your hair fight you when you try to style it? Or you cut your hair and realize that it’s not cooperating? Well, the cells in our body are interconnected and they might be trying to tell you something.

Scalp health can be linked to your body’s health.

  • dry, thinning hair may indicate thyroid problems
  • shedding might mean you are low in iron
  • gray hair could be from stress
  • flakes could be inflammation or yeast overgrowth

But sometimes the reaction of your hair and scalp is a direct link to the products you are using and why you need to be wary of chemicals in them.

Take a look at the ingredients on your shampoo and hair products. Do you see things that have words ending in -cone or or contain propyl, butyl, and isobutylene? These parabens can disrupt the endocrine system and can cause some havoc on your body.

There are some toxic chemicals that are not good for us but also bad for the aquatic life. Triclosan can disrupt thyroid function and reproductive hormones because it is a antimicrobial pesticide. It doesn’t make sense to use a shampoo or soap that promotes the development of bacterial resistance.

And anything that has phthalates in it should be avoided. Mostly found in hair sprays, these chemicals may make hair soft or flexible. But they do a whole lot of disruption to the endocrine system and are thought to be linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues. The problem is they aren’t always noted as an ingredient, because they could be added to the fragrances. Most mainstream beauty products do not list all their ingredients because they don’t have to!

There is good news for your hair and your health.

These organic and natural hair products will give you and your hair a bounce.

Rahua is a brand that is good for you, your hair and one that is dedicated to preserving the Amazon Rainforest. The brand is committed to clean, natural, vegan, organic products. The best part is the products smooth the hair’s cuticle and make the hair stronger.

Truly Organic is environmentally friendly and dedicated to gentle, high-quality products.

Yarok is founded by Israeli hair stylist, Mordechai Alvow, whose goal is to make a positive impact on hair health with the least impact on the environment.

Reverie, by Garrett Markenson, is a botanically-based brand that is passionate about hair care, earth care, and social care.

Acure is a family owned company that makes ultra-hydrating products that are free from chemicals, made of simple, pure ingredients that are designed to make you glow, shine and feel great.

Neuma is designed to offer performance without sacrifice and my personal favorite! They pride themselves on exceptional style and results without sacrificing hair, health or the planet.

Your hair can provide great insight into your own wellbeing. And the way you care and treat it should be similar to the way you’d treat symptoms if you had a cold or became sick. And, if you have intolerance to food, make sure those ingredients are not in your hair products either, like gluten & soy.

We spend a fortune on our hair so look more closely on what your hair is telling you. The products you use on your hair will have a direct impact on your body’s health. But it’s also important to remember that the condition of your hair is also an indicator of your health and can help you to understand your overall wellness. If you are using high quality, non-toxic products and your hair is dry, brittle & broken, look into your gut or heavy metals.