Why You Should Care About Your Water

Why You Should Care About Your Water

Making your quality of water at home the best it can be is a top priority, so sometimes it’s necessary to account for water remediation company and services in your place, as well. Whether you are suffering from a chemically treated public water system or a well system with tons of sediments, bacterias and metals, improving your water quality is necessary for overall health.

First, your drinking water should be alkaline! Disease cannot live in an alkaline environment. So, going with an under-sink reverse osmosis water system ensures clean, alkaline drinking water. Not to mention, you have an endless supply of water bottle refills rather than buying plastic water bottles and adding to the recycling crisis. The US only recycles 31% of it’s plastic beverage bottles – the rest ends up in the ocean, a landfill, or litter on the ground. And, plastic leaches into your drinking water. I don’t care if it says that it’s BPA free, it still leaches, especially with temperature change. Use a stainless steel or glass water bottle to be kind to yourself and the environment.

Then there’s your skin! It’s your largest organ and it absorbs water in the shower. In order to take care of your skin, having a water filtration system with a softener for your whole home is most optimal. Be careful what kind of softener you use. I recommend a salt, ceramic or ionic system. Do not use citrus. I moved into a small rental and wanted to install a small filtration/softening system that would protect my skin and my things, as well as, the fixtures and appliances in the home. A citrus system was recommended to me for it’s compact and efficient nature. Well, it definitely reduced the spotting on chrome fixtures and washed dishes. But, it took a huge toll on my hair and skin. Over time my skin became dry and less supple. The real kicker was my hair. It became brittle, broken and even lightened with an amber hue. So, if you can’t afford or have the space for a whole home system, then invest in a filter for your shower head. It will make a huge difference in how you look and feel.

Last, I highly recommend softening your water. Your body loves it and it keeps your skin young and silky. Your appliances run smoother and fixtures don’t get that hard water, calcified build up. Softened water treats everything in the home in a more gentle, kind way.

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