Top 5 Collagen Benefits

Top 5 Collagen Benefits

Collagen is all the rage. It’s become the hot protein everyone wants to add to their food. But what is collagen and why is it creating such a buzz?

In short, collagen is a protein. In fact, it’s the most abundant protein in our body. It comprises 70% of the protein in our skin. Our muscles, bones, blood vessels, skin, digestive system and even tendons have collagen.

There are a total of 16 different kinds of collagen in our body. The most common is referred to at Type I-III.

Think of collagen as the key ingredient for our skin’s elasticity and the reason our joints stay connected.

As expected, when we age collagen production slows down. The easiest way to notice this is wrinkles, sagging skin and joint pain, due to loss of cartilage.

Environmental factors as well as diet are two big factors that affect collagen production. But this is actually good news because these are things that that can be controlled through personal choice.

Sometimes the choices you make today will impact you right away. But many of the choices you are making today are going to affect your body down the road and collagen depletion is a good example.

Over time, the impact of these decisions will build and the effect could be detrimental to your health at a time when you are going to have a harder time recovering.

Knowing something is good for you is not always enough of an icentive to make the better choice. But what if there were a lot of reasons why it’s good?

Here are the top 5 benefits of incorporating collagen that may entice you to choose better:

1. Improves skin, hair, nails, and teeth

To keep skin cells renewing  and repairing as they should, it is good to increase collagen in your diet. Skin will see noticeable results and the elasticity will improve, which minimizes things like cellulite. This alone will get newbies to the collagen craze.

Nails, hair and teeth are made of collagen. In fact, adding collagen is the simplest way to keeping them strong. There are studies trying to decifer if collagen could be used for hair loss, too.

2. Joint pain reduced

Aging doesn’t have to mean joint pain. If your legs feel stiff or give you some pain, then it’s likely the cause of depleted collagen. We need collagen to help the tendons move easily.

3. Soothe leaky gut

If your gut gives you trouble, there is a good chance you have symptoms of leaky gut. Collagen helps break down proteins to sooth the gut’s lining. The common theory is many illnesses are traced to inflammation stemming from an unhealthy gut. Whether you have regular gastrointestinal issues or occasional stomach problems it is a good idea to add collagen to give it a boost.

4. Increase energy, muscle mass

Collagen helps add lean muscle mass and that is important to maintain bone health and to burn calories. Muscle mass is key to increased energy, which also benefits bone health. Adding muscle and energy makes the process of aging slow down so it’s a domino effect in a positive way.

5. Heart health

There is an amino acid, proline, which is important for shrinking fat in arteries and controls blood pressure. Keeping arteries clear of plaque buildup goes a long way to ensure the heart stays healthy.

If you care about your hair, nails, teeth then you want to add collagen. Or if you experience joint pain or stomach issues then consider collagen. And for everyone, the heart is an important muscle we need to protect so it makes sense to add collagen to keep the arteries clear.

How to add collagen to your diet?

  • Collagen is naturally found in bone broth or high quality meats that include the bone. If you don’t want to do the cup of broth, then consider some powders.
  • Gelatin Powders are great for making gummy vitamins or snacks.
  • Collagen Powder dissolves easily in drinks and doesn’t gel like the gelatin powders. So it’s perfect for adding to smoothies or hot drinks.

It comes down to a personal preference but try all of them and see how your body feels. Compare them and take note of how your body feels as well as  your energy level.

What you do today will directly impact your health in the future. Be mindful of the environment as much as the food choices you choose today.

Knowledge is the best tool and our mission is to offer the best information so you can live your best life. Choose better.