The Jenny

The Jenny is the premier cocktail for any occasion. Carefully created with thoughtful attention to detail and made with the highest-quality ingredients. Constructed of 44North Vodka, soda water, and lemon.

The Jenny is the result of lots of trial and error in a determined effort to make a cocktail with the least harmful effects on the body. Named for Live Bad Well’s founder, The Jenny is quite simply the ultimate alcoholic beverage.

We are proud to offer The Jenny as the elegant, modern and satisfying beverage for the person who is mindful of their choices. We are not claiming this is a healthy drink but we are suggesting it’s made with our health in mind.

If you are like us and don’t want to live in a bubble and would rather be part of the fun then The Jenny is the cocktail for you.

Join the party. Join the fun. Make a conscious decision to partake and consider all of your options.

The Jenny is the better choice. We believe once you taste it you will agree.

Enjoy chilled and indulge responsibly.

Après Ski

Après Ski

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

For Celebrations


At a Restaurant or Bar

A Night Out

For the Beach and By the Water

Beach Water

Cooking Dinner in the Kitchen

The Jenny Live Bad Well
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