Take Your Shoes Off

Take Your Shoes Off

Take your shoes off and help keep your home healthy. It’s not just a polite thing to do in someone’s home, it’s the right thing.

Not all germs will make you sick. But you can’t tell what germs are there by looking at them.

On an average day, we might go to a public restroom, walk through things like animal waste or step on or squish bugs, to name just a few of the things that could be brought into a home when shoes are worn.

When you walk into a home, the bottom of your shoes has lots of germs, tons of dirt and many other things on them. It’s pretty gross if you stop to think about it. You track that with each step you take into a home and you are essentially starting a chain of events that could affect the health of everyone who lives there.

Wearing shoes into a home is essentially bringing the outside world inside. When you wear shoes around the house it allows all sorts of bacteria, viruses and other pollutants to come into contact with you and your family.

It’s not just germs and bacteria to consider. There are toxins that are tracked by shoes, too.

Asphalt roads are sealed with coal tar and these toxins can increase the risk of cancer. Shoes can track these toxins into a home. Toxins that are known to increase chances of cancer can be quietly tracked right to you house and affect anyone under your roof.

Don’t think rain is cleaning it all up out there. Rather, when it rains it can stir up a whole lot of other issues. Rain water in a street might contain toxins, such as gasoline, chemicals and other debris that could easily get on your shoes as you walk across the road.

But the trick is how do you ask your guests to come to you house but then take off their shoes at the door? It can be awkward for some to try and explain it without making it seem that they have dirty shoes.

It’s not personal. Germs don’t discriminate and they will latch on to anyone.

One way to make it obvious to your guests is to have a place for shoes at the entrance. Depending on the space in your home there are great bins to use, too.

There are stylish jute storage baskets, such as ones by OrganizerLogic. And another eco-friendly solution is the large cotton rope storage bins by Blue Sage Organics.

Depending on the space in your home, Hankey’s Bamboo Shoe Bench could double for storage. It’s 100% natural bamboo and sturdy. And they designed open slats on the shelves to prevent odors. The bonus is having a place to sit to take shoes off or put them on with ease.

Remember, it’s not about etiquette as much as making health a priority. Don’t hesitate to ask your guests to take their shoes off.

And when you go to your friend’s house, don’t wait for them to ask you to take yours off. Do it instinctively because you certainly don’t want to help spread any unwanted germs or toxins into their home.