Soma Makes Drinking Water Cool

Soma Makes Drinking Water Cool

Drinking water is essential to good health. And drinking water in a sleek, modern, cool pitcher can only make you want to drink more of it.

Soma had this in mind when designing their pitcher. Made of glass that is shatter resistant (thankfully for those of us who may need that) and created to keep water crisp and fresh.

The filtration system is made of 65% renewable, plant-based materials. There isn’t any BPA and expected to last up to 40 gallons. The glass and lid are also dishwasher safe. It’s recommended to remove the silicone ring and filter before washing.

What does it filter out?

  • chlorine – typically a water additive
  • mercury – erosion of natural deposits, runoff from waste batteries, paints
  • copper – corrodes household plumbing systems
  • zinc – erosion of natural deposits


Who would think there is so much to consider when deciding what pitcher to use for your water? Soma is carefully designed with your health in mind as well as your home.


The Soma Pitcher’s modern look is appealing but the company also has a heart. Their mission is to seek solutions to the global water crisis. It is part of their company’s culture to incorporate this impact.


When you purchase a Soma filter then they donate drinking water to people in need. Next time you drink a cold, glass of water from a Soma carafe know that it is making a difference in someone else’s life, too.

We all deserve clean water. Do your body good and help someone else at the same time. Get the Soma Sustainable Pitcher today. Choose better.


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