Sleek, Simple Food Storage Solutions

Sleek, Simple Food Storage Solutions

What do you do when you care about the planet but you also care about keeping your food fresh? You have long given up using aluminium foil and have tried the reusable bags. But the designs are not your style, there are limited sizes, and they leak.

There has to be a better way.

The thought of a plastic baggie that will just end up in a landfill is what keeps you from going that route. But the options available just didn’t feel like they matched your style.

But now, thanks to Blue Avocado there is a whole line of sleek, modern reusable products to choose from that help the planet and also won’t leak.

For those who have had the gnawing feeling that there must be a better choice: the answer is (re)zip.

Blue Avocado’s mission is to provide thoughtful designs to their solutions for a greener, simpler life. And we wholeheartedly agree that being green doesn’t have to be at the expense of your style.

They come in a number of styles, sizes and colors. But the core is the same: sleek, modern and functional. It’s like they were reading your mind and created these bags specifically for your everyday needs.

The stand-up bags are genius. Not all food is meant to lay flat. And it makes it super convenient for putting the food into the bag, too.

If you are ready to shake up your world then click on the link below and check out (re)zip reusable, leakproof, storage bags and DogtorOnline.

Never fear, there is a better choice.