Regenerate Your Skin With a Little Tata

Regenerate Your Skin With a Little Tata

Does your skin need a little extra boost? The new buzzword is regeneration. But what is it and how does regeneration work?

First, let’s review skin basics.

Skin has three layers:

  1. epidermis (outermost) migrate from the bottom to the surface of the skin
  2. dermis (just under epidermis) gives skin its substance and elasticity because the nerves and blood vessels are in the dermis layer
  3. subcutis (deepest) houses fat that is the fuel source and cushion for any trauma

Each layer can regenerate but they have their own process. Remember, skin is the largest organ of our body. And therefore, it’s pretty important to make sure we offer it the best opportunity to breathe, regenerate and repeat.

For example, the epidermis will constantly shed dead cells and then will replace them with new ones. This happens every 28 days. But some products will slow it down or inhibit skin’s routine.

It’s important to know that both physical and environmental factors can make regenerations slow down.


In order to care for skin properly, it’s wise to choose products that will nurture and encourage growth. Many popular skincare products contain chemicals that are too harsh on the skin and make skin renewal difficult.

Some common products on the market contain ingredients that inhibit growth or strip away new cells. However, organic, non-toxic products will assist the skin in it’s regenerative process.

For example, synthetic colors are from petroleum or coal tar sources. That is not going to benefit regeneration. And be careful of added fragrances because they are simply combinations of chemicals. Triclosan is widely used but is an endocrine disruptor (meaning — harmful to thyroid and reproductive hormones).

The good news is there are natural, organic skincare products to help you get that regeneration glow.

If you want a skincare product that is gentle on the skin and aids in skin renewal then look no further. Tata Harper has made a business out of helping skin without the use of anything harsh. Created with 100% natural ingredients and absolutely no chemicals.

Tata Harper believes in non-toxic products packed with a punch to deliver results. Quality matters when it comes to our skin and Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser does the trick morning and night.

This cleanser is a favorite because it’s also hydrating. Most will leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. But Tata Harper goes the extra mile and adds nutrients to enhance the skin while it cleanses.

When you see the price, don’t be shocked. It’s expensive. But it’s made for the woman who wants the best skincare and won’t compromise when it comes to her skin.

Tata Harper is the epitome of the term, fresh face. And this brand sets itself from the rest of the pack by producing organic skincare directly from nature.

Take care of your skin. Choose better and you will see the results.


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