Paint is More Than a Color

Paint is More Than a Color

Choose wisely: paint is more than a color.

Fresh paint is amazing. It doesn’t matter if you are painting a wall or the whole house, the effect is magical. Paint can help transform a space instantly. But, inhaling the fumes can be overwhelming and cracking a window doesn’t seem to give the relief needed.

Not so long ago, the only hurdle when it came to paint was choosing the color. And while the color is key with regards to mood and style it is not nearly as important as the type of paint you put on the wall. In fact, paint can be a major factor in our health.

And with every aspect of our health, quality matters.

You care about your home, you love your family, you want to be healthy, so make sure the paint on your walls contributes the your intention.

How to choose paint that is not only the right color but also good for you (and the planet)?

The reason everyone wants to open a window when painting is from the chemicals. Those are called VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These are harmful to our respiratory system. Paints with VOCs have been available for awhile but weren’t really that great so people didn’t want to use them.

But now there are many options that are high quality and work well. There are even some made of milk or clay.

Look for low VOC paints because they are leaving a smaller eco footprint and don’t contain the chemical solvents.

Colorhouse is a premium paint. The company is committed to not only producing a great product but protecting the environment at the same time. We are lucky to live in a time where the market is opening the doors to great options.

Some brands to consider include Unearthed Paints, a vegetable-based binder that happens to be a vegan option. Or ECOS, which is an organic line with more than 100 colors. Mythic Paint is resistant to moisture and mildew so a good option for bathrooms or kitchens.  The well-known traditional brand, Benjamin Moore actually led the way and was the first to earn the “Green Good Housekeeping Seal.”

When it comes to your home and your family’s health it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Your style choices don’t have to harm the health of your family. There are ways to create the home you want while making it as toxic-free as possible. Choose better for your whole family. Choose an organic line of paint that will make your house look beautiful but won’t do any harm.