One Supplement with a Powerful Punch!

One Supplement with a Powerful Punch!

Have you ever tried HANAH ONE?

Ok, I cannot rave about this product enough! Recently I was asked to participate in using HANAH ONE daily for one month. Well, after a month and a half, I’m addicted! This powerful superfood enhances wellbeing in a variety of ways. First and foremost, energy. After suffering a crazy health demise and healing holistically, I find I have about five good hours a day to stay focused and accomplish my goals. Since taking HANAH ONE, I have found this to be even easier. The clarity I have felt in the thought process is game changing. My life is crazy right now and I’m all over the map from work to children to personal life. My intuitive value is that the combination of medicinal properties are helping me on all fronts, from a boost of energy to cognitive gains to decreasing anxiety.

Customarily with products that stimulate energy production, anxiety is increased, just seems to go hand in hand. On an initial evaluation, I’m feeling a sense of calm.

I like the smooth consistency and find HANAH ONE easy to take on it’s own. This suits me well as I am the type of person that likes to take supplements & superfoods in their raw form rather than coming up with a concoction to get it down. I, also, find this method is easier to form a habit since there is no work involved to ingesting the product.

HANAH ONE is an Ayurvedic superfood made of 30 wild-harvested botanicals in a base of Keralan mountain honey, artisanal ghee and sesame oil for optimal absorption by your body. Some of it’s active ingredients are turmeric, ashwagandha, amalaki and shatavari.

All herbs are wild harvested by hand from the mineral-rich lands of Kerala, India. HANAH ONE’s herbs, sesame oil, Ayurvedic ghee and Keralan mountain honey are sustainably and ethically sourced directly from the region by local collectors and farmers.

I am surprised at how easily my sensitive digestive system has absorbed HANAH ONE.

Usually powerful superfoods/supplements take a bit for my system to adapt to and regulate. I have had no need to modify for comfort or absorption issues. This is a big plus in my world as I deal with clients who are usually battling sensitivities. I love it when I can recommend something that actually works and doesn’t cause a need for adjustment, as this usually turns people off and they don’t follow through with incorporating a beneficial regimen into their lifestyle.

I usually coat my digestive track with a banana before ingesting anything else in the morning. Bananas are a prebiotic and soothing. Clients that like to drink coffee first thing in the morning tend to become too acidic in the small intestine and develop acid reflux and other discomforts due to not coating the belly with nutrients from breakfast before coffee. So, I suggest a banana to ease this response and have been pretty successful with client’s finding relief. I decided to use the HANAH ONE product before eating my banana to see how it might feel. So far so good. Again, I find HANAH ONE to be easily digested and soothing to the Villi in my intestine.

All in all, HANAH ONE has far exceeded my expectations! I’m so excited this opportunity came my way and now I have the pleasure of sharing my experience with others. So, go out and get yourself some HANAH ONE. You won’t regret it!

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