Luxurious Organic Products to Firm Your Skin

Luxurious Organic Products to Firm Your Skin

Make no mistake, we take our skin very seriously and we are pretty sure we are not alone. There was a time when we’d be on the hunt for that holy-grail kind of serum to turn back time. And then we found out there is no such thing and the products we were using were doing more harm than good.

It’s a new world out there and we have see the value of organic skin care. It wasn’t long ago that organic and luxury were considered opposite terms. But now they are a true force when combined in the beauty industry. The question we get all the time is, “do organic products really work”?

The quick answer is yes, they work so well and are absolutely luxurious.

Organic products have had a bad rap for a long time but it’s changing. No longer is the idea of organic skin care the equivalent of a do-it-yourself mask in your bathroom with ingredients from your kitchen.

There isn’t a legal definition of “organic” or “natural.” And some natural, non-synthetic ingredients found in nature could be harmful: lead, for example should never be in a beauty product. That reinforces our point that you must be vigilant about reading ingredients and be selective, even if it says “organic.”

The good news is there is a whole world of high-end products to use on your skin that do not include toxins, chemicals or any ingredients that are harmful to the skin over time.

There are legitimate benefits to treating your body well and that includes your skin care routine. Organic skin care products work as well – and arguably better – as the conventional products.

The skin is our largest organ and what we put on it is absorbed. There is evidence piling up that shows some of our health problems can be traced to personal care products.

“Clean” products often come with a hefty price tag. But it makes sense because organic farms create smaller batches that have a shorter shelf life due to the lack of chemical preservatives. It’s similar to food production and it affects the bottom line for the producers and the consumers.

For those committed to choosing “clean” and “organic” means this is a way of life that is not just for food but for each aspect of the overall lifestyle. The price tag is something to consider but it should be part of the whole picture.

There is a reason we have favorite brands. The ones we select are using the most powerful botanicals and combining those benefits with science to create effective products we love and we think you will, too.

Luxurious, safe and organic are buzzwords that are all seen in the very best brands. The list of luxury brands below are top picks for firming the skin.

Firming is only one step in caring for your skin. Check out the related posts to learn about exfoliating and hydrating.

To get great skin it comes down to being mindful of how you feed your skin and then your routine to exfoliate, hydrate, and firm.

How do organic products help firm the skin?

Natural ingredients are the most powerful ingredients in the world. The alternative option of synthetic ingredients are made in a lab as a cheaper version. And when you take care of your skin with nature’s best then your skin will respond well. The organic products reduce appearance of aging by working on the cells in our skin naturally. Of course, prevention at an early age and watching how we treat our skin early on is the best course of action. But for those of us who are late to the party, thankfully there are a slew of awesome brands available to combat the decisions we made when we didn’t know better.

Some favorites to check out:

Odacite Ac+R Serum

This indulgent serum uses pure elements with only the best ingredients. It’s a super strength antioxidant that battles the aging issues of winkles, firmness, tone and texture. Kind of a hit list we can all get behind. The headliner in the fight against the aging process is the its natural beauty elixir, açaí berries.

Eminence Bamboo Firming Fluid

Bamboo and coconut hydrate and firm the skin. Pretty amazing that Bamboo has antioxidants and proteins that make up this firming fluid. While bamboo fights the bad stuff it is the coconut oil that plays “good cop” to moisturize and give the skin a barrier.

Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum

Harper is hailed as a pioneer when it comes to natural, luxury skincare. She set the bar for others that dreamed of to creating a quality product in this lane. The price is steep but her commitment to refusing to risk health for beauty is why her products are a cult favorite. Based out of her Vermont farm, her serum uses a unique blend of ingredients that target dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins

This cream is packed full of minerals that work at night while you sleep. The natural ingredients fortify your skin to make it firmer as well as minimizes fine lines. It makes going to sleep a treat.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

An expensive, great smelling water that lives up to the hype. For a toner it is a lot to pay but the magic ingredient, Pitera, is the secret to the youthful effect it has on skin. It’s incredible to think that a by-product of yeast fermentation could be so effective on decreasing wrinkles but it is an alluring notion with results.

We love skin care products and will forever be on the search for the latest and greatest. There are many brands making great strides and have our mutual interest in mind: safe, natural products that are good for our body and environment. But for those of us who have made some choices that maybe weren’t the greatest, it’s a relief to know there is help that doesn’t include a scalpel.