Is Hydrating the Skin the Same as Moisturizing?

Is Hydrating the Skin the Same as Moisturizing?

Hydration is important for the skin. We all know this. But is hydrating the skin the same as moisturizing?

Hydrating skin is increasing the water content and replenishment of moisture to the skin.

Moisturizing skin forms a barrier to keep water from evaporating.

Clearly, our skin needs both hydrating and moisturizing. Note: these do not need to be competing actions or different products. Many moisturizers are water-based, such as hyaluronic acid with some oils.

Skin has mechanisms to maintain hydration but it is easy for skin moisture levels to drop. Factors such as climate, heat, pollution, lifestyle habits can all have detrimental effects on our skin.

Tips to hydrate your skin

  • apply moisturizer while skin is damp (skin is porous and absorbs better)
  • use a hyaluronic acid product prior to moisturizer
  • drink more water
  • hydrating serums are great o enhance skin’s moisture levels


Hydrating and moisturizing are different things yet are essential elements for maintaining healthy skin. If you care about slowing the aging process, improving the look of your skin, ridding your skin of toxins, or fighting acne then this is critical for your routine.

Remember, hydrating helps increase water content and gives skin a more plump appearance. And moisturizing is the key to preventing water from evaporating from the skin.

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