Grounding is Mother Nature’s Electrical Nutrition

Grounding is Mother Nature’s Electrical Nutrition

Ever wonder why you loved playing in the dirt as a kid? Or love to walk on the beach in bare feet? When you plant your bare feet on the ground it is often called “grounding” or “earthing.” When you do that you are able to receive an energy infusion that is sort of like Mother Nature’s electrical nutrition for the body.

Regularly reconnecting with the natural power of Earth has amazing healing abilities. Our brain, heart beat and neurotransmitter work on electrical signals.

And when you absorb the electrical charges by your bare feet (notably the balls of your feet) you can recharge your body.

We are bioelectrical beings. And Earth is an electrical planet. When you get this energy from grounding it can restore your bioelectrical circuits. Think of it is as way to set your biological rhythms and stabilize your inner workings so you feel better.

Our modern lifestyle has removed our bodies from the Earth’s surface. We wear shoes all of the time and we don’t sleep on the ground. Some live many stories way above the ground and our lifestyle is making us lose touch with the earth’s positive forces.

When you physically connect with Earth you feel calmer, you sleep better and many issues, such as inflammation or pain lessen.

The scientific studies show that Grounding transfers negatively-charged electrons from the surface of Earth into the body. This allows the electrons to then neutralize the positively-charged free-radicals that are causing the chronic pain. It’s a little bit of high school science for today but it’s pretty cool to think that bare feet in the dirt can help your pain.

It’s so simple and something everyone can do. The idea of reconnecting directly with Earth to receive the energy directly is something we can do to improve our health, our attitude and planet all at the same time.

By connecting with our planet on a regular basis we will also feel more inclined to care for her and that is something that is long overdue.

The top benefits of Earthing:

Reduces inflammation

electrons are absorbed from the bottom of the feet and can move anywhere in your body where free radical are forming.

Better sleep

sleep is improved because the Earthing normalizes the daily cortisol rhythm.

Less pain

inflammation is a major source for pain. Earthing helps reduce inflammation as well as reset your natural rhythms, which allows the body to feel better.


Don’t just take our word for it. Kick off your shoes and go stand in the ground. Relax, breathe and give it a try. Go lay in the grass or take a walk in the sand. The important thing is to connect your body with the conductive forces of Earth.

Experience it for yourself — the healing powers are right under our feet. Our connection to nature, the planet and the universe is vital.

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