Hair Secret: Boar Bristles

Hair Secret: Boar Bristles

There is an allure to the French girl and most believe they hold the secrets to all things fashion and style. Well, there is something to the Parisian golden touch.

Christophe Robin is a legend in haircare but happens to be in Paris. But thankfully you don’t need to jet over to France for that French girl hair.

His philosophy is linked to his own desire for health and wellness. This journey inspired him to create haircare formulas rooted in ancient recipes found from nature.

Hair needs to be brushed in order to get stronger. It’s sort of exercise for the hair. So if you want stinky, soft hair then brush it a lot.

And as you can guess — the brush you choose matters.

The Christophe Robin detangling brush is the ultimate choice but it’s an expensive one. He doesn’t mess around, his brush is made of wood and natural boar-bristles. So what’s the big deal about boar bristles?

Here are four main reasons to choose a boar bristle brush:

First, boar bristles naturally condition the hair. It was originally used because of it’s ability to improve hair texture and shine – much like we think of serums today. The boar bristle works because it carries the oil from the scalp to the end of the hair shaft. Brushing hair will naturally coat the strands, which repairs them at the same time adds shine.

Second, boar bristles make hair better. They don’t change the texture of hair but they do make them stronger and softer.

Third, the scalp benefits from boar brushes. It’s almost relaxing because the scalp is stimulated by the boar bristles and this will strengthen the hair growth.

And fourth, the need to wash or use styling products are reduced. When hair is healthier and softer then the need to use added products becomes less and less. There is less oil build-up so washing as frequently is not needed.

While there is a mystique around a French girl’s style, there’s at least one way to copy them when it comes to hair. The boar bristle hair brush will get your hair and scalp into shape and turn heads of your own.

Brushing your hair is something you’ll do everyday (hopefully a few times each day) so use a good one. And since the benefits of a boar bristle are pretty clear it seems natural to conclude what is the better choice for your hair.