Cast Iron is the Versatile Tool for Healthy Cooking

Cast Iron is the Versatile Tool for Healthy Cooking

Eating food that is organic and clean is important. But it’s just as important to be mindful of the cookware used to cook the food. Cast iron is made of natural materials and is a versatile tool for healthy cooking. For this reason, it’s the better choice.

There are many reasons why cast iron is the tool to use for cooking. A few notable perks include: it’s durable, can use high heat, and is a great source for iron – Yes, you absorb iron from cooking in the pan.

Cast iron has been around for centuries. It’s been traced to China in 3rd century BC. The natural material made it a logical option. And many cultures over the years have incorporated cast iron as their cooking tool.

Sure, they may be heavy but they last. Cast iron pans will handle wear and tear over the years. And even the ones with rust can be smoothed out and re-seasoned in order to be used again. That is pretty great because there are few items that can be treated and utilized as such.

Being able to use high heat while cooking is a big bonus. It is one of the greatest advantages of cast iron. Because it can handle high temperatures makes it ideal for deep and shallow frying, sautéing vegetables, and searing meat.

In fact, it’s an incredibly versatile cooking tool. Its ability to retain heat lends itself to being the best choice for healthy cooking. Braising and poaching are perfect in cast iron. And because it’s seasoned, there isn’t a need to add a lot of oil.

In order to preserve the seasoning and clean cast iron well, use sea salt. Sea salt is abrasive and keeps bacteria from growing, couple that with vigorous motion and you have a safe cleaning agent for cast iron.

The greatest benefit to cooking with cast iron is the boost of iron in your food. Iron can be found in food that is cooked in a cast iron pan. Absorbing extra iron is a good thing because it is an essential nutrient for all the cells in our bodies.

On the contrary, using nonstick or aluminum pans can pose a health risk for you and your family. Aluminum is widely praised for its heat distribution. Yet, the problem is when aluminum leaches into food and absorbed into the body.

Our bodies can only handle aluminum in very small amounts. And, it’s almost impossible to avoid exposure to aluminum because it is virtually everywhere. It is in many things, including cooking utensils, antiperspirants, medicines, and even teas. Aluminum has been proven to be a cancer-causing agent.

It should be noted that our bodies do not need aluminum. And with the prevalence of aluminum, there are many studies exploring the different adverse effects.

Scientists have found aluminum in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s raising concern for many about the levels of aluminum we are absorbing. High levels of aluminum in the body can have neurotoxic effects on the bone and maybe even reproduction.

While the research is ongoing, it is a good idea to avoid aluminum. When possible, do not use aluminum foil when baking food and switch to stainless steel for cookie sheets. There are many options other than aluminum and it’s a good idea to make the swap.

It’s not just aluminum we should watch out for when it comes to preparing our food. We must be mindful of teflon or non-stick pans, too. If heated too high the chemical released is similar to a carcinogen. We are not a fan of any chemicals let alone ones that have been known to cause serious harm and can be absorbed into our food.

There is more to healthy eating than just purchasing organic and clean food. It’s about the way it is stored, cleaned and prepared, too.

There are some great cast iron cookware options. We prefer Le Creuset cookware because of its durability and style. The colors are fun and they brighten up any kitchen. Since there are so many types of cookware to pick — you will find you are looking up recipes just to use them.

When it comes to your health and feeding your family we know you care about this as much as we do. We believe cast iron is the better choice. It’s a long term investment that gets better with age if cared for properly. Remember, it’s not about perfection but rather it’s about making decisions to live your best life.