Brush Your Teeth with a Bamboo Toothbrush

Brush Your Teeth with a Bamboo Toothbrush

The need to move away from anything plastic is gaining momentum. And one more plastic item to swap is the toothbrush. It is an easy change we can all make and our teeth will not suffer. Arguably, teeth win big with this change.

It’s pretty obvious that people won’t make a change until something compels them to do so. If plastics filling our oceans is not compelling enough to make the switch, then maybe understanding the benefits of bamboo is the hook.

It is estimated that 4.7 billion toothbrushes are made annually. Think about that astonishing number! Where do all of those toothbrushes go when we are advised by our dentists to switch every three months? That is a lot of toothbrushes in landfills.

So why change to bamboo? The benefits to our health and our environment encourage making the switch from plastic to bamboo.


What are the benefits of using bamboo?

  • a natural plant – more like a grass so it grows faster than a tree
  • naturally antimicrobial
  • biodegradable
  • can be composted
  • grows quickly
  • stylish


It’s important to know that the handle is made of bamboo. The bristles are typically made of nylon. And the good news is some nylon has been tested to be biodegradable. So it’s possible to choose a toothbrush that is fully biodegradable.

And since bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and anti-fungal, that essentially means the handle kills around 70% of bacteria trying to form on it. That is pretty good for not even trying. The best natural, organic bamboo could be found in Thailand. Buy your ticket and book some beautiful accommodation at YourKohSamuiVillas.

There is really no reason to use plastic toothbrushes which just continue to fill up the landfills, when there is a sleek, cool option that is also good for the environment.

The goal of creating the ultimate wellness lifestyle is to choose better. This is one easy choice that is clearly better for all.

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