All Natural Laundry

All Natural Laundry

All natural is a phrase that is commonly found these days. We can see it in almost every product or advertisement. We have been trained to look for “all natural” in our food, beverages and even things like our lotions. Now we need to make the switch and opt for all natural when it comes to our laundry.

But why does it matter for our laundry?

We should be mindful of the laundry detergent we use because of the main goal of keeping ourselves and our families safe. For example, if the detergents currently in your laundry room are full of artificial ingredients, chemicals and other bad pollutants then it only makes sense that it is also on your body and being absorbed through your skin.

It’s in all of the clothes, on the towels we use, the sheets we sleep on, and anything we decide to launder.

The chemicals in our clothes are in direct contact with our skin and that becomes the gateway to enter our body.

The way to protect your health and your family’s wellbeing is to choose all natural products.

Green laundry is the better choice. It wasn’t long ago that the options for laundry detergents only included big name brands found on TV ads and there wasn’t an alternative.

The way we picked which one to use was based on the color of the bottle and the way it smelled. We had no regard for any actual ingredients. Then, we learned that detergents, especially industrially scented detergents cause harm to the body and immune system. Thankfully, there are now some green companies that create products that work so well they are making the big brands nervous.

What to be wary of?  Be careful of surfactants (chemicals that let water penetrate fabric). This is a toxin that has many ill effects on our reproductive systems. They are the added enzymes used to attack stains or hard to clean dirt.

Each laundry detergent has its own special formula but the commercial brands use synthetic ingredients (manufactured from plants & chemicals). The role of surfactants is to remove stains and prevent dirt in the water to re-deposit. Essentially, they breakdown the dirt that wouldn’t normally dissolve in water.

Names of common surfactants found  in detergent:

  • alkyl sulphates
  • alkyl ethoxylate sulphates
  • ethers of fatty alcohol

The reason chemicals are added is not to help actually clean the clothes. Nope. They are added to make the clothes smell a certain way or enhance them in some superficial way, like feeling softer.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that many of our allergies can be linked to laundry detergents. The ingredients either cause health conditions or stir them up. Asthma can be irritated by laundry products. Take note of the fragrances added and consider a direct correlation to any health concern. Industrialized added scents are directly related to cancer and known carcinogens.

What are the main benefits of organic laundry detergents?

  • no harsh chemicals

  • healthy skin

  • easier breathing

  • better for the environment

  • contain essential oils

  • no need for fabric softener

Choosing organic, all natural products for your laundry is a decision that benefits your home, your health and the environment. Laundry detergents that are made with your wellness in mind can work well, smell great, and make your clothes fresh. Don’t get me wrong, it is a process to finding the right detergent and a system that works.

A few key tips I have discovered when doing laundry naturally-

  • Vinegar- works great as a softener and whitener! Add 1/4 cup white Vinegar to the softener dispenser in your washing machine.

  • Wool Dryer Balls- reduces static & wool is naturally antibacterial.

  • Essential oils- Add essentials oils to you wool dryer balls for a lightly fresh smelling affect, lavender & lemon are my favorite!

  • Lemon juice & salt- this dynamic duo will take out some of the harshest stains, like rust. Saturate stain with lemon juice, then sprinkle with salt. Let the stain sit overnight, rinse with cold water. Repeat until the stain is gone.

Ingredients in a product are sometimes a red flag and other times a sigh of relief. The reaction you have when you read the ingredient label for the products you choose is a good way to help you decide. Trust your instincts, they are there to serve you. After all, we are the ones who know what is best for our systems.

Choose better for you, your family, and the environment.